SigmaTEK Systems, LLC announces the upcoming release of SigmaNEST Version 10, which uses sophisticated heuristics and advanced algorithms to optimize part yield, maximize material usage, accelerate machine cycle time and produce quality parts, says the company. The new version features improved cutterpath planning, which reduces machine cutting cycle time and consumable wear extending tool life, says the company. New functionality also includes BHQ (Bolt Hole Quality) technology and enhanced 3D CAD model import functionality as well as the ability to tap into engineering data. SigmaNEST offers the ability to import data directly from a number of CAD/CAM systems. Other enhancements include integration with MRP and other manufacturing and business systems to catalog material remnants for future job runs, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM integration, shop floor control with Color Offload and Load Manager.

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About SigmaTEK Systems LLC

Founded in 1992, SigmaTEK Systems, LLC provides solutions to enhance the efficiency and profitability for flat material and tube  manufacturers through CAD/CAM nesting solutions – SigmaNEST and SolidNEST.  Headquartered in Ohio, USA, SigmaTEK has an extensive support network worldwide, with branches in Europe, Asia, India, Australia and South America.

Because of SigmaTEK’s dedication to research and development, the SigmaNEST solution provides superior capabilities in NC programming and automatic nesting. It provides a strong breadth and depth of functionality to ensure accurate part cutting, optimal material usage, and reduced cutting time. SigmaNest is ideal for many cutting systems including plasma, punch, laser, waterjet, oxyfuel, and router.  SigmaTEK also coordinates with customers to integrate seamlessly with their production process and MRP systems.

SigmaNEST software is offered in modules that can be combined to best meet the needs of particular customers, from job shop environments to diverse corporations in aerospace, transportation, energy, and more.

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