Wagner Meters announced that effective Jan. 1, 2012, all MMC and MMI Series handheld moisture meters will carry a standard seven-year warranty policy. With IntelliSense Technology, the MMC and MMI Moisture Meter lines from Wagner Meters minimize interference from surface moisture for wood moisture measurements, ensuring that the reading is an accurate indication of moisture conditions in the wood, says the company. Wagner Meters has a wide range of meters for every level of woodworking and concrete craftsmanship, says the company.

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About Wagner Meters

In business since 1965, Wagner Meters provides field-proven moisture measurement technology to help wood products manufacturing, woodworking, and wood flooring professionals improve their profits and reputations with superior moisture measurement instrumentation tools to assist in minimizing the risk of moisture related failures.  Wagner Meters’ in-line moisture measurement systems and hand-held moisture meters are proven and trusted to provide consistently accurate moisture measurement readings deep into the wood...not just on the surface.  Wagner Meters maintains a superior customer service reputation with highly trained and experienced product support professionals who go the extra mile to help customers find a solution, even if it involves referral to another company.






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