Lignomat introduces the Moisture Tracker and  Data Logger for Moisture and Humidity with a built-in out of range alarm. The machine can be used for storage and tracking during manufacturing, transportation, Installation and afterwards at the customer site. The Moisture Tracker can help monitor moisture changes and it functions as three different permanently installed moisture meters and a station to measure relative humidity, says the company. It provides a tool to monitor any type of storage area for lumber or for the finished product. The Tracker can be set to activate an alarm when the wood has exceeded the desired moisture level. The Tracker can be set to watch for an increase in moisture percentages above the pre-set limit such as monitoring a wood ceiling. The  moisture tracker will register too high or too low of a moisture level and send-out an audible warning signal. Lignomat USA will be in Booth 3333 at IWF 2012.

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