Job Estimating Sofware for Woodworkers

ST-Mate job estimating software saves users up to 20 percent in time estimating, says the company. With ST-Mate, users get a Standard Estimating Sheet, which covers all the estimating tasks for a user and offers a powerful pivot point for running an office and shop, adds ST-Mate, with the ability to get exact costs, hours, weeks, and to schedule blocks of time. Users can build a schedule board for all to see by job, department and person. ST-Mate also offers a way to figure your overhead sheet that lets users identify their Profit Centers and Departments and what they are costing the company. A third sheet is the Proposal Tracking Sheet, which is designed to keep everyone up to date on a proposal, including the status, on hold, waiting, lost, sold and due date. Sheet Four offers an alphabetical client listing. This allows users to copy and paste without typing and keeps users up to date with the most current client information, adds the company. Information includes cell numbers, Foremen trailer numbers, emails, and more. Sheet Five includes Supplier Listings so a user knows from who and where to get pricing and who received pricing information. ST-Mate also offers project management software with Project Pakage.

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