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Biesse America’s bSolid Software allows users to go from concept to the visual design of a part in just a few clicks, says the company. bSolid is fully integrated with the machine allowing users to know in advance what will happen when the program runs, reducing costly errors, adds Biesse. In addition, says the company, bSolid incorporates a new learning system that guarantees simplified process management, improved performance and reduced machining times. bSolid software does project part design plans, then draws on a shop's own machine driver software to do a virtual test run. The software reveals conflicts and clashes in production, such as a misplaced pod on a CNC that might obstruct the bulky back end of an aggregate cutting tool head. By avoiding errors through a virtual test run of a project, Biesse says the application makes it practical to do single-run custom items on CNC machinery, without the waste of time and materials in practice runs. The prerun can avoid conflicts on tool paths, prevent trivial programming errors such as depth, lead-in or working sequence, and modify part and project designs for practical production considerations before executing it on the machine, says the company.

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