Explosion Isolation Devices

Rembe, Inc. introduces its next generation Q-FlapCompact II and Q FlapCompact II Plus Inlet Isolation Devices, designed to offer explosion protection in dust collectors, mills and more. Rembe says industrial processes can result in explosive dust/air mixtures in equipment. If ignition sources cannot be eliminated due to process conditions, systems can use isolation devices to help protect production facilities and personnel. Rembe says that with its Q-FlapCompact II inlet isolation device series, explosions in almost every industry can be effectively isolated. The Q-FlapCompact II series is a fully ATEX approved, NFPA compliant passive explosion device that is cost effective and easy to install, relative to other alternatives, adds Rembe. It does not require actuation sensors. In the event of an explosion, the Q-FlapCompact II flap shuts tight from the force of the pressure wave, says the company, and a locking mechanism or damper prevents the Q-FlapCompact II from flutter, keeping the explosion isolated from the rest of the process upstream.

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