Dust Manangement Systems

O2 Filtration Dust Management Systems reduce energy costs by up to 70%, says the company. O2 Filtration says a popular system choice includes a filtration unit, computer-controlled blast gate management, and a briquetter, which reduces waste volume. The briquettes can be sold or used in energy co-generation with a biomass boiler system.The newest technology from the company also features a simple touchscreen control on the extraction unit and briquetter. The equipment can be managed remotely through a new tablet-friendly, browser-based application, adds the company. O2 extraction units from Höcker Polytechnik include an integrated fan system designed to reduce environmental noise to below 50dB. The fans are built into the housing, which shields them from the weather, improving efficiency, eliminating downtime, and reducing maintenance costs, according to the company. The systems are also ATEX-certified. O2 Filtration represents the full line of Höcker Polytechnik dust extraction and other waste management systems, says the company. 



About Hocker North America

Formerly known as O2 Filtration, the company is a provider of dust collection, filtration and waste management systems for the woodworking industry. 

With over 25 years of dust collection experience in the North American woodworking market O2 Filtration has partnered with Höcker Polytechnik .  Höcker Polytechnik is a worldwide market leader in dust collection solutions for the wood industry for over 45 years.  European quality with domestic service and support.

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