Distance and Angle Measurements Tool

AdvancedDimensions.com offers the Leica 3D Disto, a robust, precisely manufactured measuring instrument. A highly accurate combination of distance and angle measurements determine the precise position of each point targeted with the integral camera and captured with the laser beam. The Leica 3D Disto detects the location and the height of the target point. Leica 3D Disto can measure plan position, height and distance, in all three spatial axes. In addition, every visible point can be measured by targeting with a visible laser dot without the need to walk to the target. Leica 3D Disto offers real time display of measurements as drawings on the screen. The tool can be controlled with the included practical hand-held tablet – or wirelessly by WLAN. The measurements can be triggered on the clear, high-resolution screen and displayed as a drawing. For tasks hands free tasks, the simple remote control handset is available.

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