Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. introduces Sound Curtains. The new, custom made noise control curtains and screens are designed to dramatically reduce harmful industrial strength noises. Durable and sleek,  the Sound Curtains can reduce noise by up to 45dB with a typical STC of 26 within the coverage area, says the company. The curtains fan fold and collapse out of the way when not needed, offering a flexible means of controlling noise.

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About Goff's Enterprises, Inc.

Goff's unique "Original Curtain Wall" system creates a retractable barrier that can be drawn into use in seconds. Manufactured in Pewaukee, WI, Goff's Curtain Walls are ideal for a wide variety of uses including: confining dust, paint & primer overspray, grinding sparks and water or chemical mist. 

Since 1987, Goff's Enterprises has dedicated itself to providing high-quality, curtain partitions to many industries. We first introduced, the “Curtain Concept” into several niche markets to confine unwanted airborne contaminants such as: grinding sparks, undercoating, water, paint, dust and fumes. Over the years we have expanded our line of softwall, industrial space partitioning solutions to now include: Original Goff’s Curtain Wall, Welding Curtains & Screens, High Speed Vinyl & Mesh Roll-up Doors, Strip Doors, Acoustic Enclosures, and Climate Curtains. 



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