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TigerStop has added a software solution to its SawGear product line, Crown+MiterPro. Crown+MiterPro is designed to simplify cutting complex compound miters.  SawGear is an easy-to-use automated length measuring system, which sets up in minutes and makes accurate cuts every time, says the company. The Crown+MiterPro software will be included in every new SawGear. Applications include all types of trim, such as crown, base, shoe, casings, along with rafters and any other angle cutting. The software calculates difficult crown angles and lengths instantly, says TigerStop, providing both the right angle and side to set a miter saw, along with the correct length for the part. Crown+MiterPro reduces the loss of costly materials when inaccurate cuts are made, adds the company. TigerStop will demonstrate SawGear’s Crown+MiterPro at AWFS 2013.  

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About TigerStop LLC

TigerStop, LLC, is the global leader in stop/gauge and pushers systems. Founded as Precision Automation, Inc. in 1994, it has deep roots in manufacturing. Furniture, cabinet, electronics and metalworking are industries well understood by the employees of TigerStop. TigerStop Assembly Plant, located in Vancouver, Washington, expanded to a new facility in 2000 and occupies 27,000 sq ft. TigerStop has an international presence with a manufacturing plant located in Wierden, Holland. The TigerStop distribution network spans six continents and products are supported in five languages. TigerStop maintains an aggressive research and development program with over 100 patent claims awarded or pending.




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