Combustible Dust Explosion Isolation System

The new Rembe Exkop Combustible Dust Explosion Protection System provides safe, economic and easy explosion, spark, and flame front isolation, says the company.  The pinch valves protect interconnected equipment by high-speed closure of a fast-acting food grade elastomer hose and is triggered by a signal from a Rembe Explosion Panel, A Rembe Q-Rohr-3, Q-Box II an infrared signal or pressure/temperature sensors. The Rembe Exkop System is fail-safe easy to test/reset, adds Rembe.  The new Exkop System offers an effective means of isolating enclosures to prevent further spread of explosion pressure and flames and is available for additional applications: ST 2 Dusts, reduced explosion pressure (pred) of up to 2 bar and larger diameters, according to the company.

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