Delcam’s latest version of its ArtCAM Pro design and manufacturing software for woodworking applications is designed to make it easier to create complex designs, especially those that include repeated elements that are similar but not identical within a design. Free Relief Modeling allows previously created reliefs to be picked up and moved, rotated, rescaled and copied, either individually or as part of a group. Any part of the design can be isolated, edited and then recombined into a group for duplication or further editing within the group and at any point in the process, individual items or a group of items can be saved within the clipart library for use in future projects. Sketching is also easier, says the company, because the designer can alternate between straight and curved vectors while drawing. Once created vectors can be added to or closed and any nodes within them can be edited or deleted at any time in the 2D or 3D view. The new patent pending Texture Flow tool allows users to create more natural organic textures, says the company, such as hair, fur and scales. Sculpting Tools also help create more natural effects. ArtCAM Pro will be demonstrated at Booth 4522 at IWF 2012.

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