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SA International introduces SAi EnRoute 5.1. The update features more than two dozen productivity enhancing features and improvements including new import filters, additional nesting options for the Automatic Toolpath Processing (ATP) option and new Parametric Textures. The expanded range of import filters allows improved compatibility with a variety of CAD programs. The ATP option automates cabinetmaking and furniture production by providing an efficient way to process large numbers of parts during the Nested-Based Manufacturing procedure with support for Microvellum, Pathfinder, TopSolid, Cabinet Sense and more. The ATP option allows for different nesting engines to be used including the new Block Nesting Engine, designed to be used with rectangular shapes such as cabinet parts. It can nest faster and more accurately on larger jobs, says the company, as more than 1,000 parts can be nested. New texture tools allow users to design and create a wide range of textures to apply to a 3D surface. The Flow Texture produces a 3D surface with the random characteristics of a flowing fluid and the Phase Texture generates a sequence of recurring waveforms. Existing SAi Enroute 5 users can download the new SAi EnRoute 5.1 installer free of charge at the SAi website.

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