The Mastercam X6 Router machining software from CNC Software, Inc. introduces new capabilities, including new stock models, 64-bit support and 2D contour smoothing. Benefits of machining stock models includes the ability to view and verify work as it progresses, perform stock model comparisons, and chose existing stock for rest machining. The new 2D Contour toolpath creates smooth motion in sharp corners, which reduces tool wear and makes tool motion more efficient, says the company.  Other features include the ability to take .DWFx files from Autodesk and outside approach control, where facing, core and contour toolpaths can specify which side of the block the tool approaches from to avoid over-travel conditions with large parts. The Variable Toolpath Radius automatically adjusts the toolpath radius, allowing the tool to fit into tight areas and cut deeper in sharp corners, says the company, and the OptiRest toolpath performs rest milling operations to remove remaining material with optimized roughing motion. CNC Software, Inc. will display the Mastercam X6 Router machining software at Booth 4715 at IWF 2012.


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