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Delcam has added a new ‘putty’ tool to the 2015 release ofits ArtCAM Pro CADCAM software for artistic applications, allowing even more complex 3D shapes to be created with the program, says the company.  Many of the modeling options, including the new tool, now show the results of changes in real time. The putty tool for modeling allows models to be edited by picking an area to be moved, swirled, pinched or puckered, says the company. It can be used for creating a series of variants on a repeating element in a design or for subtly changing a design.  ArtCAM Pro provides the functionality to entirely design and RP, CNC or laser machine a range of 2D and 3D products. It can be used to make signs, furniture, sculptures and more. Unlike most other CADCAM systems, ArtCAM Pro is aimed at skilled artisans rather than engineers and requires little knowledge of engineering or computing, according to Delmac. Its applications include the signmaking, woodworking and engraving industries.  Delcam says ArtCAM Pro allows users to increase productivity, improve quality and deliver new designs more quickly. The 2015 release also includes new tools to speed up the editing of vectors.

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About Autodesk ArtCAM

ArtCAM is a proven software solution for CNC routing, with extra functionality for woodworkers that want to add unique artistic design to their manufacturing. ArtCAM Express is designed specifically for the smaller business looking for an entry level program. ArtCAM insignia combines the ease of use of Express with 3D modeling and manufacturing tools for optimization. ArtCAM Pro provides a total 3D package, with unique modeling tools, combined with powerful yet simple machining technology

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