Delcam introduces a new release of ArtCAM Pro CADCAM software. The software is designed to make it much easier to create complex designs, says the company. ArtCAM Pro is aimed at skilled artisans rather than engineers and requires little knowledge of engineering or computing. Applications include the signmaking, woodworking and engraving industries. The main addition in the latest release  is ‘Free Relief Modeling’, a technique that allows previously-created reliefs to be selected and then moved, rotated, rescaled and copied, either individually or as part of a group. Any part of the design can be isolated, edited and then recombined into a group for duplication or further editing within the group. At any stage in the process, either individual items or a group of items can be saved within ArtCAM Pro’s clipart library for use in future projects. Sketching in ArtCAM Pro has been made easier by giving the designer the freedom to alternate between straight and curved vectors while drawing. The ability to add textures has been extended with a new patent-pending ‘Texture Flow’ tool. The software now comes with POV-Ray ray-tracing technology, allowing high-quality images to be generated for customer approval or marketing materials.


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About Autodesk ArtCAM

ArtCAM is a proven software solution for CNC routing, with extra functionality for woodworkers that want to add unique artistic design to their manufacturing. ArtCAM Express is designed specifically for the smaller business looking for an entry level program. ArtCAM insignia combines the ease of use of Express with 3D modeling and manufacturing tools for optimization. ArtCAM Pro provides a total 3D package, with unique modeling tools, combined with powerful yet simple machining technology

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