2020 Design for Manufacturing CNC

2020 Design for Manufacturing CNC is a revolutionary new product for CNC-equipped cabinetmakers and manufacturers. Save up to 2 hours of programming each day with 20-20 DFM CNC - generate CNC-ready parts and create parametric drilling programs software. Build customized catalogs, generate cultists and BOMs for standard and custom cabinets.

About 2020

20-20 Technologies Inc., the world's leading provider of computer-aided design, sales software and manufacturing for the interior design industry, bases their business model upon the worldwide use of a single software platform across both the residential and commercial interior design markets and across all environments, desktop and web. It not only represents a significant competitive advantage, but is a critical element to the companys success. Their software offers state-of-the-art design, specification, photo-realistic rendering and three-dimensional visualization capabilities for configurable products in the residential and commercial interior design markets. Their solutions include business-to-client applications for on-line design and sales, business-to-business applications for electronic order processing and e-procurement, and an integration platform for enterprise resource planning and manufacturing resource planning systems.



Email: sales@2020spaces.com

Phone: 866-698-2020

Fax: 514-334-6043

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