Thin-cutting frame saw

More than 2000 thin-cutting frame saws worldwide and more than 40 years of know-how underline Wintersteiger's success in high-precision thin-cutting! As the world's leading manufacturer of thin-cutting frame saws, Wintersteiger guarantees maximum precision, a minimal cutting kerf, ready-to-glue surfaces and ready-to-process lamellas without intermediate steps for the production of engineered floors, doors and many other applications. The DSG Notum offers following features: * new feed system controlled by a frequency converter * Reciprocation system in perfection * centrically designed saw frame for faster frame assembly * enhanced airjet for improved blade life * open machine construction for operator friendly access to the frame * touch screen for easy operation * cutting height up to 10” * Saw kerf starting at 0.027” * 5 channel system to cut 5 4/4 blocks at the time

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