The Rover C WMS (Windows Machining System) from Biesse is a modular production cell that offers the production capabilities of a full factory in 969 sq. ft. of floor space, says the company.  Features include internal and external tool changers for a standard capacity up to 66 tools; integrated glazing bead cutting and clamping unit; and a loading/unloading system integrated on the main beam. The Rover C WMS allows for double transfer for the input and output of the pieces in the basic version up to 16 (in) and 16 pieces (out) and has a Multi-center Numerical Control and Software designed for the management of the entire cell that can be interfaced with a factory management system. Other features include a loading/unloading system; additional carriage in Y and system of n2 collets with independent Z axis; loading from a bar and unloading to single pieces plus management of locking modules switching with loader. The tool changer features 22 positions with a center distance of 180 mm. The Rover C WMS has extremely simple loading and unloading operations, says the company, and provides real-time information to the operator in addition to an ergonomic design and easily accessible full machine control.


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