Sound-Absorbing Tambour Door Systems

REHAU will be displaying its Acoustic line sound-absorbing tambour door systems for cabinets and partitions. The company says these systems combine modern design with high-quality, ground-breaking materials to absorb almost seven times as much sound as conventional cabinets. Specially formulated polymer-based composite materials absorb noise in all frequency ranges and reduce reverberation.

About REHAU Inc.

REHAU is North America's leading source of integrated polymer surface and system solutions for furniture manufacturers, distributors, designers, and architects. We design, develop, and manufacture complete edging solutions and systems for the office, kitchen and residential, display/store fixture, and closet markets.

REHAU offers a range of stock, standard, and custom edgeband, t-molding, tambour doors, cable management and profiles in PVC, PP, and ABS to meet most any design and application requirement.




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