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The 6-in. High Rocker Adapter Plate for Thick Stock Gluing Applications is now available for all JLT Panel Clamp models. Custom shops that face glue up to 6-in.-thick material can outfit their JLT Panel Clamp with this simple accessory. Rocker plates are designed to fit over existing clamp arms and offer a pivoting feature to guarantee a better glue joint. The rocker adapter helps woodworkers produce more butcher block, tabletops, turnings and many other thick stock glue ups, the company says.

About JLT Clamps

The James L. Taylor Manufacturing Company provides new ideas for edge gluing and lumber optimization technology in a wide range of applications and markets.

  • Cabinet Makers
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Architectural Moulding & Millwork
  • Stair Manufacturing
  • Boat & RV Interiors
  • Hardwood Lumber Supply
  • Windows & Doors

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