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Hettich offers the VB Insert 35/50 HT. Part of the Hettinject technology line, the fitting integrates the patented Rastex principle that provides for a friction-locked connection through interior and exterior indentation. The fitting is secured into the end face of the top and bottom panel and is glued to the top and bottom surface layer by means of narrow ducts that carry the adhesive.

Together with the Twister dowel screwed into the Hettinject glued dowel in the side panel, it produces a sturdy joint, according to the company. Hettich says the fitting is suitable for boards measuring at 1-1/2 in. thick, and can be adjusted for boards up to 2 in. thick.

About Hettich America L.P.

Hettich America, L.P. is a leading supplier of Grant door hardware, kitchen cabinet hinges and slides, and ProDecor handles & knobs, plus customized slides and articulated hinges for the major appliance industry.

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