IWF: Sensys silent hinges

The new Sensys generation of hinges from Hettich includes automatically soft-closing furniture doors from an unusually wide opening angle of 35 degrees. The evenly gentle closing cycle, coupled with reliable furniture-door closure at the turn of a hand, satisfies the most exacting of demands. In addition to invisibly integrating "Silent System" soft closure, Sensys also comes in a new and elegant design. A stylish cover cap hides the hinge cup. The button that releases it for removal cannot be seen from the front. The entire Sensys range for the kitchen has been available worldwide for all door-mounting styles since 2009. This, for example, includes hinges with an opening angle of 95° and 110°, hinges for angled cabinets (W30, W45, W90) as well as wide-angle hinges and hinges for aluminium-frame doors.

About Hettich America L.P.

Hettich America, L.P. is a leading supplier of Grant door hardware, kitchen cabinet hinges and slides, and ProDecor handles & knobs, plus customized slides and articulated hinges for the major appliance industry.

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