BHK of America has gained FSC certification for its line of ready to assemble drawer systems. The company offers a full line of ready-toassemble drawer systems and components. BHK says its offering of FSC-certified products, as well as non-certified drawer sides, allows customers make drawer choices based on the budget for their project. (800) 724-4212, BHKofAmerica.com.

About BHK of America

Since 1976, BHK of America has been one of the most respected US manufacturers of ready-to-assemble (RTA) or pre-assembled drawer systems and components. BHK is well known in the industry for producing the finest quality products -DuraWrap, wood drawers and components. Our manufacturing facility is located in South Boston, VA, and provides drawers for almost every industry including kitchen & bath, closets, furniture, office, healthcare and hospitality. The BHK distributor network covers the US and Canada. For more information on the complete product lines offered by BHK, visit our website at www.bhkofamerica.com or call 1-800-724-4212



Email: sales@bhkusa.com

Phone: 800-724-4212

Fax: 434-575-1463

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