DeWALT launches a new line of heavy-duty XRP hammerdrill/drill/drivers and a new XRP Lithium Ion drill. The XRP line includes three 18V models (DCD950KX, DCD950VX and DCD940KX), three 14.4V models (DCD930KX, DC930VX and DCD920KX) and a 12V model (DCD910KX).

Additionally, the new line includes an XRP Lithium Ion 18V hammerdrill/drill/driver (DCD970KL) with a nano-phosphate lithium ion battery that is backwards compatible with more than 40 tools in the DeWALT 18V system. Each XRP unit has a three-speed transmission that matches each speed to the appropriate application, offering professional end users maximum performance for various applications.

The new drills now have a two-collar design that enables users to quickly transition among drilling, screwdriving and hammer drilling modes without changing the clutch setting.

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