Drawer Slide

Accuride Intl. presents Action-Assist, a slide that it says helps users open and close drawers with ease. Based on natural elastic energy, the product is straightforward to install, intuitive and economical, according to Accuride. The user starts the opening and closing action and the slide does the rest.

When the drawer is opened, at about the mid-point of travel the assisting forces balance, resulting in a neutral zone where the drawer remains in a steady position. Once the drawer is further extended to about two-thirds of its travel, the slide finishes the opening process. Conversely, as the drawer is pushed inward past the neutral zone, the Action-Assist kicks in and pulls the drawer closed. It does not require electricity to operate and there are no wires or transformers. Other than minor drawer box changes, installation is very similar to a standard, side-mount 3832 full-extension slide, the company adds.

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