R&R Clamp introduces an archway kit with six clamps. The clamps are attached to a base of wood, then set to the arch radius. Using the R&R Clamp supplied steel contour guides, the glue up is placed between the guides and the clamps are tightened one by one.

About R&R Clamp

  Archway clamps for the glue up of curved woodworking projects. These clamps can be arranged in any shape to match existing trim or frame work. Just set up the radius or shape you want to achieve, and screw the clamps down to a piece of plywood, bench top or right down to your sub-floor on the work site.

 Stackable clamps for the glue up of panel doors, or any other woodworking project. These clamps can be used individually, or stacked to minimize work space use. Just screw the bottom alignment bars to a piece of plywood or bench top.




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