Kitchen-Aire announces an expansion of its wood hood and ventilator system offering to include nearly 200 different Chimney hood specie and size configurations.  In addition, they now offer over 135 Mantel hood configurations, and pillar units as supporting accessories.  Pillar units are available with pull-outs upon request. All hoods and trim kits are available in a variety of unfinished hardwoods, including Cherry, Red Oak, Hard Maple and Hickory. All hoods are shipped with custom-fit metal liners. The conversion kit for 36” wide hoods includes liner extensions. The Wood Hoods are machine sanded and ready for finishing. The company also announced a significant expansion of their ventilation offering, which includes halogen lighting and CFM’s ranging from 230-1240.  Products are available in their standard Starmist finish.  Other finishes and stainless steel are available as special order.  Matching liners to accommodate all ventilator sizes are available as well. Kitchen-Aire is a Hoffco, Inc. company


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