Kreg Tool Co. introduces the Kreg Universal Bench,  a new way to assemble a customized heavy-duty workbench with a system of rails and adjustable height legs, that will be available in Jan. 2013.  By combining legs and rails, users can create a bench in 15 possible square or rectangular sizes — from 14”x14” up to 64”x64” — and two different heights. Universal Bench legs are made of 12-gauge (1⁄8” thick) steel  and are available in two heights, which are adjustable over a 6” range using the included leg levelers and feet. The taller legs can be set from 29” to 35” tall,  or anywhere in between,  to create a customized workbench or tool stand  or to make an outfeed table that matches the height of your table saw. The shorter legs adjust from 15¼” to 21¼” tall and  levelers can be used to accommodate uneven or sloping floors. Heavy-duty 3” dual-locking casters with rubber wheels are available as an option. Rails for the Universal Bench are made of 14-gauge steel and come in five lengths: 14”, 20”, 28”, 44”, or 64”. Bench tops made from various materials are available with predrilled holes.

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