Tilt Track System for Drawers and Trays

Accuride introduces the Model AL4190, a Tilt Track System that provides access to drawers or trays installed at shoulder level and above. The system uses wheels and rollers to extend the drawer and an aluminum channel guides the back of the drawer upward as it slides out of the case, tilting the drawer downward for easy viewing and access to contents, says the company. Model AL4190 carries drawers up to 40" wide and loads up to 140 pounds. The system is comprised of lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum tracks, roller wheel assemblies, and track rollers. Tracks are available in lengths of 24" and 40". The system is easy to fit and fully adjustable with the track, attachment location of the track roller, and positioning of bumper stops, adds Accuride. Model AL4190 may be used with Accuride's CBHand-2 Locking handle kit, which is a double handle with a centrally located push-button mechanism that locks drawers in a closed position. Model AL4190 offers a solution for drawers and trays used for supply and equipment storage in retail fixtures, commercial kitchens and restaurants, medical facilities, and garages, says the company. For more information, visit: AL4190.

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