Sliding Doors

Every Komandor door set is custom made to the exact measurements of the opening. Komandor doors are stylish, highly customizable and engineered for long-term reliability. Sliding bi-pass doors are typically used for closet door applications because they are highly functional in small rooms or hallways where no room is available for doors to protrude into the space. With a bi-pass set-up, the doors simply slide, stack or bi-pass behind each other in an opening or along a wall. Sliding doors may be configured as a single door on a single track, two doors on a double track, three doors on a triple track, four, five or six doors on double or triple tracks.

Most of Komandor’s sliding doors use ball bearing rollers that are mounted in the bottom or top hung doors. This system allows the doors to have a very smooth, whisper quiet operation. Komandor also has top hang systems that eliminate the need for a bottom track. This kind of set-up is more desirable for room partition doors.

Sliding doors can have options such as locks, soft-close mechanisms, decorative trims or mullions or handles. Komandor has a wide selection of steel and aluminum frames, which come in a range of color finishes as well as insert materials made from glass, mirror, wood panels and a host of other specialty inserts that are also available in a variety of colors and textures. Komandor’s systems allow design flexibility because different materials, colors and textures can be combined in different proportions.


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