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George Guenzler and Sons Inc. produces high quality show wood and upholstery frames for the contract, institutional and healthcare furniture industries, says the company, and is constantly upgrading its technology and processes to meet the newest design requirements of the industry. George Guenzler and Sons Inc. offers a FSC certified, North American source for wooden furniture requirements. Additional company and contact information is available on the company’s website.

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About George Guenzler & Sons

George Guenzler & Sons Inc. has been producing quality components for the wood working industry from our factory in Kitchener Ontario, Canada for over 100 years. Our combination of skilled craftsmen and CNC technology enable us to provide consistent quality and on time delivery to our valued customers across North America.  

We currently produce a wide variety of components and frames for Healthcare, Business and Institutional furniture industries. We continue to supply quality stair, railing and kitchen island columns and legs for the residential and commercial construction industry. We utilize only the finest North American Hard and Soft woods as well as selected European and Tropical hardwoods in our manufacturing process.  We are an F.S.C. certified supplier of wooden components and a C.A.R.B. compliant supplier of plywood components. 
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