Monarch Metal is now stocking stainless steel and anodized aluminum / satin aluminum standoffs.  Previously, Monarch custom manufactured standoffs in stainless steel, brass and aluminum, and offered them in a variety of finishes including brushed, polished, anodized or powder coated.  Beginning in 2013, Monarch is stocking common sizes to meet the last minute shipping needs of customers.

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About Monarch Metal Fabrication

Monarch Metal supplies Monarch Z Clip panel hanging systems and architectural metals. Products include: - Monarch Z Clip Hanging Systems that operate similar to a french cleat with no screws in the face of the panel - Standoffs in stainless steel and aluminum - Architectural and structural angle, channel, flat bar and sheet in stainless steel, aluminum, steel and brass - Stainless Sharp Corner Angle, Channel, T Bar and Tube Review our Monarch Z Clip Hanging Systems at or request a catalog at




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