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Outwater has expanded its LED Ribbon Lighting with the introduction of new 120V LED Ribbon Flex Lighting.With no fixtures to hide, Outwater’s 120V LED Ribbon Flex Lighting can be mounted in hard to light areas and is suited for illuminating any type of indoor or outdoor application that warrants an almost nonexistent profile. The highly flexible, diminutive physical contour of Outwater’s 120V LED Ribbon Flex Lighting permits it to vanish within the décor of any environment, because no transformers or amplifiers are required to power the 120V AC plug-in Ribbon Flex Lighting. A continuous length of up to 164 feet can be run via a single attached power cord. Offered in cool and warm white along with red, green and blue lighting formats, an available color changing RGB variant allows users to generate nearly any desired color. In addition, complementary splicers, end caps and mounting clips along with a selection of clear, anodized aluminum LED Ribbon Mounting Channels enable a host of custom configurations and applications, the company says.

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