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Elias Woodwork announces it now offers all wood, no particleboard Ready-to-Assemble Face Frame cabinets featuring the Cabinotch Custom Cabinet Box System. The new cabinets can be used to accompany a refacing project when add on cabinetry is needed or for new kitchen and bath remodeling projects. The system allows users to order any cabinet in any width, height, or depth, eliminating the need for fillers, says the company. The system features customizable sizes to 1/1000 of an inch in width, height, and depth and requires no clamps or fasteners or the need to wait for the glue to dry. Standard base cabinets can be assembled and ready to install in five minutes, adds Elias Woodwork. Other features include wood on wood locking joints;  ½” sides, backs, bottoms, and tops;  ¾” Shelves; durable UV finished interiors; and fully finished Face Frames, Toe Kicks, & End Panels to match door styles. The RTA cabinets are available in a range of species and are manufactured in North America.

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About Elias Woodwork

Elias Woodwork is a manufacturer of wood cabinet doors, moldings, dovetail drawer boxes, curved doors and components, refacing material  and many other wood accessories.  Elias also manufactures thermofoil cabinet doors and accessories.  The Elias Woodwork facility includes a state of the art finishing booth, including a flat line finishing system which produces a consistent, oven dried finish.   Elias also carries a full line of Eco Friendly Bamboo cabinet doors, drawer boxes, moldings and refacing material.  They ship their products all across North America serving a wide variety of industries, including new kitchen & bath cabinets, refacing, commercial and residential millwork, renovations, and recreational vehicles, to name a few.  Elias Woodwork has been in business since 1983.

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