Instead of a bulky central column, Vauth-Sagel offers the Recorner Maxx with  invisible construction. Introduced at IWF 2012, the Recorner Maxx offers a solution that is compatible with corner base, corner wall and corner cabinets with 3/4 or 4/4 round shelves, says the company, and it includes a swivel function. Vauth-Sagel says the Recorner maxx provides optimum storage space utilization and comfortable access with traditional construction and innovative design. The round shelves are assembled on a stabilizer bar that runs across the carcass with the vertical brackets installed to the inside of the carcass with the fitting’s mechanism virtually invisible to the consumer. Shelves can be used for bulky items such as clay ovens, serving platters and oversized bowls. The fitting offers flexible shelf positioning and because shelves do not need to be connected to each other, the Recorner Maxx can be used in applications such as under sink cabinetry.

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