Shop-in-a-Box from Walls + Forms is a reusable, temporary, modular store that can be adapted to retail spaces. It can be used to lease out a smaller portion of vacant area, and for retailers that want to downsize and sublease part of their retail space. Shop-in-a-Box is modular, quick and easy to setup and take down, offers multiple configurations with unlimited sizes for store configurations, and offers easy replacement or add-on opportunity, says the company. It is economical, simple to specify, and offers great design and color options and a short lead time, says the company. Utilizing Shop-in-a-Box, slatwall counters and showcases can be combined to complete a store layout. Walls + Forms offers engineering, complementary floor plan layouts and assistance, and customer support staff to ensure on time delivery and answer set up questions. CornerForms are a key component of the Shop-in-the-Box concept, says the company, and offers easy installation, assembly and dismantling or reconfiguration. The patented two part fastening system can be used to construct pop-up stores and for other applications. Four basic shop versions are displayed on the company’s website.

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