Rockler Woodworking and Hardware introduces the Mini Silicone Glue Brush, a reusable glue brush made for small projects and detail work. The brush is a smaller version of the Silicone Glue Brush and is designed for detail work and small projects including crafts, doweling, a variety of small joinery, and work with narrow stock. The brush features a head that is 3/8" wide with bristles arranged in a circular shape. It is designed for small applications such as work with thin stock and small dovetail, tongue and groove, and box joints. The opposite end is a tapered dropper tip with grooves to hold glue and apply it in narrow and hard-to-reach areas such as dowel holes and small grooves.  Wet glue can be rinsed off with warm water, and most cured woodworking glues peel and flake off the Mini Silicone Glue Brush bristles, allowing the brush to be used over and over again, says the company. The Mini Silicone Glue Brush (45495) is sold in packs of two.

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