Panel Hanging System

Monarch Metal’s new MFSS-CHAN Stainless Steel Panel Hanging System is designed to aid its customers in mounting curtain wall, building envelope or rain screen panels. The new system offers a one inch air space to comply with most building codes. The MFSS-CHAN system is manufactured from high-strength, 1/16” thick, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, with 70,000psi strength. The system is shipped with both continuous lengths of the MFSS-CHAN and matching clips to attach to a user’s panel.  To mount the system, mount the four foot continuous length to the mounting surface and install the smaller clips to the rear side of the panel, says Monarch. Next, engage the clips on the backside of the panel with the continuous length along the wall. The panel is mounted one inch from the wall with no visible fasteners into the face of the panel, adds the company.

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