Doug Mockett & Co. introduces the Model PCS54WC Recessed Power/Data Grommet with Wireless Charging. The PCS54WC is designed with a power grid station built into the lid, which allows users to rest mobile devices on top to begin automatic charging. The stripes on the lid are the charging elements.  The universal adapters work with virtually every type of electronic device, says the company. The charging station on the top-side of the lid eliminates access interference or limited access with the other power and data components within the unit, which include two 110 v. electrical outlets and two Category 5E data modules. Overall dimensions of the ETL listed unit are 11 5/16” by 5 5/16” with a cut out of 11” by 5” along with a 15 amp. 6 ft. cord. Available finishes include Satin Aluminum with black plugs and Satin Aluminum with white plugs. Users can charge up to four devices at one time using WildCharge technology also included is an adapter set.  Other configurations available include the PCS54A with two power and four data; PCS54B with three power and three data and PCS54C with four power and four data. Doug Mockett & Co. said the Power/Data Grommet with Wireless Charging will be available soon.


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