Outwater now offers 3 ½-inch diameter Power Hub and Power iDock Grommets for use in commercial and residential applications, designed to unify and protect multiple groupings of computer wires and power cords while eliminating clutter. Outwater’s Power Hub and Power iDock Grommets enable users to utilize their computer’s accessories, iPod or iPhone without having to reach under or behind a desk to make necessary connections, says the company. The Outwater Power Hub with black ABS construction includes 3 USB ports, 2 card readers, a microphone port and a headphone port. Outwater’s Power iDock encompasses an all-in-one Apple-certified docking station that facilitates charging, viewing, listening and synchronizing the user’s iPod or iPhone and is fully compatible with PCs and Macs. Outwater’s black ABS Power iDock has an integrated audio/video output jack and includes an 8 foot 120V power adapter, an 8 foot USB cable and an 8 foot audio/video cable. Both units have opening touch latches with built-in lids designed to keep dirt from inside the units.

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