Outwater Plastics has expanded its line of Plastic and Aluminum profile Extrusions to offer and stock over 10,000,000 feet of ready-to-ship Extrusions, available in thousands of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid material profiles in numerous sizes and colors.  Styles include Tee and Bumper Moulding, Accent Moulding, Acrylic Rod & Tube, Adhesive Trim Moulding, Angle Moulding, Banner Moulding, Baseboard Moulding, Chair Edgeguard, Channel Moulding, Cladding, Clamp Moulding, Corner Channel, Cove Moulding, Crib Moulding, Decorative Trim, Display System Extrusion, Door Track Extrusion, Double Spline, Dust Seal, Edgebanding, Plastic Frame Moulding, Carpet/Floor Moulding, Half Round Trim, Hanging File Folder Moulding, Hinge, Magnetic Moulding, Mirror Moulding, Panel Joiner Moulding, Panel Retainer Moulding, Picture Frame Moulding, Pilaster, Poster Holder Moulding, Price Tag Moulding, PVC Rod, Store Fixture Moulding, Shelf Edging, Sign Holder Moulding, Slatwall as well as other highly specialized Extrusions and Mouldings.  Further information is available at Outwater’s website or call 888-772-1400 to obtain the Outwater Plastics Extrusions  2012-1 Catalog.

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