Low Profile Standoffs

Monarch Metal’s Low Profile Stainless Steel Standoff has been added to its selection of countertop and panel support options. The stainless steel standoff features a less intrusive cap offering a subtle, nuanced aesthetic, says the company. Standoffs are used in a variety of applications including countertop supports for transaction counters, glass and decorative wall panel supports and sign mounting hardware. The new stainless steel low profile standoffs are available in sizes up to 2" in diameter with custom sizes available greater than 2". The pieces are manufactured from a corrosion resistant 303 alloy stainless steel. Finishes offered include a stock brushed finish and a custom mirror polished finish. In addition to stainless steel, Monarch also offers low profile standoffs in aluminum and brass. 

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Monarch Metal supplies Monarch Z Clip panel hanging systems and architectural metals. Products include: - Monarch Z Clip Hanging Systems that operate similar to a french cleat with no screws in the face of the panel - Standoffs in stainless steel and aluminum - Architectural and structural angle, channel, flat bar and sheet in stainless steel, aluminum, steel and brass - Stainless Sharp Corner Angle, Channel, T Bar and Tube Review our Monarch Z Clip Hanging Systems at http://www.monarchmetal.com/products/hanging-systems/ or request a catalog at http://www.monarchmetal.com/catalog/



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