Maximum, LLC,  a supplier of Lazy Susan bearings introduces its new Sure Stop Lazy Susan Bearing with Detent, which brings a Lazy Susan into the door-close position without the need for manual adjustment or positioning, says the company. The injection molded Sure Stop Detent incorporates a roller that is held against the outside of the bearing by a spring loaded bracket. The Lazy Susan only needs to be brought close to the detent location. Once the Sure Stop roller reaches the downward ramp on the bearing, the Lazy Susan is brought to and held in the door close position. The Sure Stop Bearing and Detent allows for the Lazy Susan to smoothly stop keeping the products on the shelf stable and protecting the cabinet door by more reliably stopping the Lazy Susan in the position that keeps it from interfering with the cabinet door, says the company. The product is a Challengers Award entrant and Maximum LLC will be in Booth 1466 at IWF 2012.

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