Keyless Electronic Cabinet Locks

The CompX RegulatoR keyless electronic push button cabinet lock from CompX Security Products is available in two versions: self-locking and manual locking. The self-lock RegulatoR features the SlamCAM, a spring-loaded latch, which allows the user to close the cabinet door or drawer without returning the knob to the locked position. The RegulatoR features two codes per lock: a user code and a supervisor code in a 4-8 digit code. It has a low-battery indicator and 25,000 plus cycles, extended battery life reduces replacement and labor/maintenance costs. The battery compartment is accessible from outside the cabinet. The RegulatoR is easily installed using a ¾” mounting hole and has three different keypad configurations: left hand, right hand and vertical. The RegulatoR can be installed on new or retrofit applications and can be used on wood or metal cabinet doors and drawers, lockers, storage enclosures, supply cabinets,  file cabinets,  and computer server racks. Markets for the products include healthcare, schools and universities, laboratory, office furniture and retail display. Three cylinder lengths include 7/16”, 1 3/16”, and 1 3-4”. Both versions of the lock use 2 AAA batteries.

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