In-Drawer Mobile Device Charger

JTech Solutions introduces The Docking Drawer, an in-drawer mobile device charger with a USB charger and an electrical outlet. The Docking Drawer gives users a convenient and safe way to eliminate cords and chargers that clutter space, says the company. Best installed during new construction, the Docking Drawer can also be retrofitted into cabinet drawers that meet the minimum dimensional requirements. The Docking Drawer is specifically designed for charging personal electronic devices and is limited to 3A/375w. Pending UL 962 approval ensures it will pass code inspections. AC Power: 125V, tamper resistant NEMA 5-15R duplex receptacle. DC (USB) Power: 5.2V, 12.5W duplex USB charging receptacle with integrated on/off safety switch. Max rated current @ 125 VAC: 3A. Circuit is protected by 5A pop out breaker accessible from the user side. Designed for charging personal electronic devices only.The Docking Drawer is priced $139.00. The drawer is not included.

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