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Gyford StandOff Systems announces its How-To Installation Video library. Clients can learn how to install standoffs like the ones in the image, among other Gyford products like the company’s rod and wire systems. The videos are a great resource and are updated with new ones every month, says Gyford Standoff Systems. Clients can also browse Gyford’s photo galleries to get ideas and inspiration for their next project. For more information, visit the website or call the company.

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About Gyford Décor

At Gyford Décor, we design and manufacture precision aluminum and stainless steel decorative mounting hardware for your custom cabinets, closets, counters, tables, displays and other woodworking projects. We offer a variety of standoffs, rod systems, extrusion and wire systems. Our six complete product lines are fully interchangeable. We manufacture using the most advanced technology with environmentally sustainable machining processes. Our on-staff Client Solutions Specialists are experts in application, installation and part interchangeability. Visit our website to view our catalog, how-to videos, design inspiration and more.




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