Accuride introduces models 7950 and 7957 to its heavy-duty slide line-up. Models 7950 and 7957 offer an alternative for .75" side space projects, giving woodworkers additional slide options for drawers with larger loads, says the company. Accommodating drawers up to 42"-wide, these products are suitable for applications including kitchen storage for small appliances and cookware; or garage and shed storage of paint and tools. They are a good choice for wider drawers used to carry bulky or heavy items in commercial and residential applications, says the company. The slides are full extension and carry loads up to 350 pounds. They may be flat mounted at a lesser load capacity of up to 150 pounds per pair. Model 7950 does not offer a disconnect method; model 7957 has a handed lever disconnect.  A non-disconnecting slide is useful in applications where the user wants to avoid drawer removal for safety reasons, such as with a wide or deep drawer used in an elementary school to carry sports equipment, says the company. These products have an enhanced ball retainer design, which mitigates retainer migration. Both models are available in lengths of 12" to 36" in a clear zinc finish.

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