Flush-Mounted Sliding Door System

Hettich offers the InLine XL,  a top-running, flush-mounted sliding door system designed for use with or without handles. The InLine XL lets users create flush fitting unit fronts that open via a slight pull on the door’s leading edge, says the company. The system offers flexibility for those wishing to use handles. The handles can be positioned anywhere the user prefers, adds Hettich. In addition the soft close doors are designed to open flush with each other without offset or visible gaps. The InLine XL sliding door system is designed for use with flush fitting wood or aluminum-framed doors weighing up to 60 KG, says the company. The doors can be up to 2600mm in height with widths from 750 – 2000mm and a door thickness of 16, 18, 19, 22, or 25mm.  The Soft-Close Silent System feature is adjustable in the opening and closing direction, adds Hettich.

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About Hettich America L.P.

Hettich America, L.P. is a leading supplier of Grant door hardware, kitchen cabinet hinges and slides, and ProDecor handles & knobs, plus customized slides and articulated hinges for the major appliance industry.

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