Flexible LED Ribbon Lighting


Outwater Plastics introduces the LED Ribbon Flex Light, designed to light even hard-to-light areas, says the company. 3M Peel-and-stick tape enables the flexible LED strip to be easily mounted on showcases, toe kicks, cove or cornice accents, wall units, in or under cabinets, or any installation that warrants an almost nonexistent profile. The new series includes 24-volt Single, Double, Triple and Single RGB Premium LED Ribbon Flex Lighting, inconspicuous to almost vanish within a décor of any environment, says Outwater. The lighting is comprised of 22 cool-white LEDs, spaced at 1 in. intervals, center-affixed to a 3/8-in.-wide flexible backing. Up to 21 ft. can be connected to one power supply in either dry or damp environments using a supplied, solder-free, end-to-end (male/female) plug-in capability for continuous lighting. Low heat emissions and no generated UV radiation make Outwater’s Flex Lighting, with its IP65 Rating, safe for a variety of residential and commercial uses, says the company. Outwater’s Single RGB LED Ribbon Flex Lighting and new IP67 Rated120-volt LED Ribbon Flex Lighting offer a range of colors that can be programmed to morph at variable speeds or to remain static as desired.

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